Tesla will offer a bird’s eye parking view, if you pay a premium

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It should soon be easier to manually park your Tesla — if you’re willing to pay for the privilege. Elon Musk has revealed (via Electrek) that a “vector-space” bird’s eye parking view is coming, but you’ll need to buy the Full Self-Driving pack…

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Y2K-type glitch is causing NYC parking meters to reject credit cards

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A software glitch is causing parking meters throughout New York City to reject credit and prepaid parking cards, The New York Times reports. The payment software was set to expire on January 1st, and the vendor reportedly failed to update the …

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Daimler and Bosch inch closer to fully automated, self-driving valet service

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Daimler has plans for self-driving trucks, autonomous taxis and cars that drive themselves on the autobahn. Now, it’s moving forward with its vision to bring fully automated, driverless parking to the Mercedes-Benz Museum parking garage in Stuttgart,…

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Tesla’s parking lot Summon upgrade arrives in the US next week

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Tesla is ready to bring its parking lot-savvy Summon upgrade to its cars in earnest. Elon Musk has revealed that Enhanced Summon will be widely available in the US next week to Tesla owners who sprung for either the Enhanced Autopilot or Full…

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BMW and Daimler will combine their transportation services

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If it seems ridiculous that virtually every major car manufacturer has its own suite of transportation services, you’re not alone. BMW and Daimler have announced a plan to combine their mobility services in a 50/50 joint venture. Car2Go and DriveNo…

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Jaguar Land Rover tests autonomous parking on public roads

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Plenty of cars will help you park, but the biggest challenge is frequently finding a spot in the first place — it’s no fun to circle the parking lot for 10 minutes. Fully autonomous cars can ultimately take care of this, but Jaguar Land Rover is dem…

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At the Mercedes museum, your rental car parks itself

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The concept of a self-parking car certainly isn’t new, but Daimler is about to take the next logical step on that front. It’s partnering with Bosch to launch an Automated Valet Parking service at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. When it launc…

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U-Parking raises RMB 12 million to ease parking pain for China’s urban drivers

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Chinese parking assistant startup U-Parking announced today that it raised RMB 12 million (around US$ 1.74 million ) Series A led by Gobi Ventures. U-Parking (有车位), founded in Beijing in 2014, provides distributed parking space supplies in big cities in China and secures decent parking experience for both individual users and car-sharing businesses. U-Parking has […]

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