GOG’s Galaxy 2.0 game launcher is available without an invitation

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After launching in a limited, invite-only beta earlier this year, GOG Galaxy 2.0 is now available to anyone who wants to try it. You can join the open beta by visiting the GOG Galaxy website and downloading the new client on your PC or Mac.

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PlayStation and Xbox sales discount ‘Fortnite’ and ‘Shadow of War’

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Summer tends to have few new video game releases, but that also tends to have an upside: loads of discounts. Both Microsoft and Sony are running limited-time sales on games that promise some steep price drops, and not just on old titles. Microsoft’…

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Sony may finally let you change your PlayStation Network name

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Many a gamer has had regrets about their choice of username — xXxDeathCrusher420xXx might not be quite so appealing in adult life as it was in your teenage years. And for PlayStation fans, that’s been a big problem when your PSN name has always been…

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