Recommended Reading: Apple’s AR secret weapon is already in your pocket

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Apple’s secret weapon in AR is right in front of usScott Stein, CNETSure, Apple is supposedly working on an augmented- or mixed-reality headset that’s been rumored repeatedly, but the company is flexing its AR muscle with a device you already have. C…

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Recommended Reading: The challenge of remastering ‘Blade Runner’

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Replicating Blade Runner: Why the adventure game classic is so tough to remasterWesley Yin-Poole, EurogamerNightdive Studios announced earlier this year that it planned to remaster the 1997 Blade Runner game for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and…

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Recommended Reading: Microsoft’s Panos Panay on the Surface Duo

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Exclusive Q&A: Panos Panay on how the Surface Duo transforms Microsoft againRaymond Wong, InputYou’ve likely read our review by now, but Input caught up with Microsoft’s chief product officer to discuss the company’s new folding device…

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Recommended Reading: Behind the wheel of the Polestar 2

By android automotive, avengers, engadget, entertainment, gaming, gear, News, Polestar 2, recommended reading, recreading, tenet, the avengers, thq

Driving the Polestar 2, the first electric car with a brain by GoogleAndrew J. Hawkins, The VergeThe Verge offers some first impressions of the first EV that runs Android Automotive: Google’s tech that controls things like air conditioning, na…

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Recommended Reading: The world of Lego interface panel design

By Bitcoin, coronavirus, covid-19, design, engadget, facebook, fake news, gear, hack, interface design, lego, misinformation, News, recommended reading, recreading, Twitter, UX, ux design

The UX of Lego interface panelsGeorge Cave, it’s a spaceship, a cash register or a car instrument cluster, Lego interface panels play a relatively small role in the grand scheme of most builds. They offer finer detail…

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Recommended Reading: The fear of TikTok

By ByteDance, covid-19, engadget, gear, mars 2020, mars rover, nasa, News, oculus quest, perseverance, recommended reading, recreading, star wars, tales from the galaxy's edge, tiktok, VR

Why America is afraid of TikTokMichael Schuman, The AtlanticA US Senator called it a Trojan Horse. President Trump reportedly wants Chinese owner ByteDance to sell it off to a buyer based in the States or to ban it entirely without having it c…

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Recommended Reading: Why is Apple breaking up with Intel?

By apple, chips, coronavirus, covid-19, engadget, entertainment, gear, intel, jon stewart, mac, News, podcasts, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, spotify

After 15 years, Apple prepares to break up with IntelDon Clark and Jack Nicas, The New York TimesOne of the big announcements at Monday’s WWDC virtual keynote is expected to be Apple’s long-rumored breakup with Intel. The partnership has equip…

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Recommended Reading: The life of a dropshipper

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‘It’s bullshit’: Inside the weird, get-rich-quick world of dropshippingSirin Kale, WiredIn Bali, co-working spaces are filled with remote workers looking to make big bucks — and to do so quickly. Through a process called dropshipping, sellers …

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Recommended Reading: Zoom’s security struggles

By coronavirus, covid-19, deepfake, deepfakes, engadget, facebook, gear, identity theft, instagram, kevin systrom, Mark Zuckerberg, News, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, Security, sex doll, Zoom

‘Every day is a crisis’: Zoom boosts its security as scrutiny growsCyrus Farivar and Jo Ling Kent, NBC NewsAs many of us are working and attending school from home, Zoom has become a popular vehicle for video meetings and classroom sessions. During t…

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Recommended Reading: Inside the PlayStation 5 with Mark Cerny

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PlayStation 5 uncovered: The Mark Cerny tech deep dive
Richard Leadbetter,

If you're craving even more explanation on the PlayStation 5 than lead architect Mark Cerny shared during his in-depth chat a couple weeks ago, get…

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Recommended Reading: What happens when bands don’t tour

By binge mode, binge-watch, coronavirus, covid-19, engadget, entertainment, gear, Internet, music, music industry, police, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, ring, Security, Streaming, the ringer, tv streaming

How coronavirus is destroying the livelihood of music’s behind-the-scenes workforce
Samantha Hissong,
Rolling Stone

By now, you’ve watched, or at least heard about, a musician who’s cooped up at home turning to livestreams to connect with fans. Wh…

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Recommended Reading: Dead Sea Scroll fragments in DC are fakes

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Exclusive: ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ at the Museum of the Bible are all forgeries
Michael Greshko
National Geographic

When the Museum of the Bible opened in Washington, DC in 2017, it funded a research project that examined pieces of what was thought to…

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Recommended Reading: The AI surveillance company watching Utah

By AI, art, banjo, beyond meat, deezer, engadget, entertainment, food and drink, foodanddrink, gear, Impossible Foods, Internet, j. kenji lópez-alt, music, plant-based meat, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, Security, spleeter, surveillance, tomorrow, utah

This small company is turning Utah into a surveillance panopticon
Jason Koebler, Emanuel Maiberg, and Joseph Cox

If you think Clearview’s AI-powered facial recognition is a major problem, buckle up. An artificial intelligence company c…

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Recommended Reading: The CIA-owned company that helped it spy on the world

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The intelligence coup of the century
Greg Miller,
The Washington Post

This in-depth report tells the story of Crypto AG, a Switzerland-based company that achieved success for its code-making machines during World War II. The company eventua…

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Recommended Reading: The lasting effect of the Iowa Caucuses

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Iowa might have screwed up the whole nomination process
Nate Silver,

By now you probably know the story. The Iowa Democratic Party decided to use an app to report results from its caucuses this week. These events were the fi…

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Recommended Reading: Facial recognition, police and privacy

By AI, chain messages, chain text, clearview, Emoji, engadget, entertainment, facial recognition, gear, Internet, oral hygiene, privacy, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, text, texts, toothbrush

The secretive company that might end privacy as we know it
Kashmir Hill,
The New York Times

Clearview is a startup that developed a facial recognition system that matches a photo of a person to publicly available images. Those can be from F…

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Recommended Reading: The science fiction of William Gibson

By Amazon, bbc, engadget, entertainment, fleabag, gear, Internet, music, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, Sci-fi, Science Fiction, taylor swift, william gibson

How William Gibson keeps his science fiction real
Joshua Rothman,
The New Yorker

While a lot of sci-fi is obsessed with the distant future, one of the best authors of the genre takes a different approach. The New Yorker explains how William…

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Recommended Reading: A year later, the CRISPR babies are still a mystery

By christmas, christmas music, crispr, crispr babies, dna, engadget, entertainment, gear, Internet, mueller report, music, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, ring, science

Why the paper on the CRISPR babies stayed secret for so long
Antonio Regalado,
MIT Technology Review

A year has passed since Chinese biophysicist He Jiankui presented work on editing the DNA of two girls while they were still embryos. Ethic…

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Recommended Reading: The making of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

By Afghanistan, disneyland, dj, dj shadow, engadget, entertainment, galaxys edge, gear, Internet, music, Radio, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, star wars, star wars galaxys edge

A journey to Galaxy’s Edge, the nerdiest place on Earth
Adam Rogers,

By now, even people who aren’t Star Wars fans have heard something about Galaxy’s Edge: the massive and detailed new attraction at Disneyland. Wired spoke to “Imagineers” w…

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Recommended Reading: The 15th anniversary of ‘Halo 2’

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When ‘Halo 2’ invaded planet earth
Anthony John Agnello,
The Ringer

In the latest installment of “things that will make you feel old,” Halo 2 was released on November 9, 2004 — which makes it 15 years old. The Ringer takes an in-depth look at the…

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Recommended Reading: How memes became political weapons

By AI, artificial intelligence, brittany kaiser, Cambridge Analytica, disney, Donald Trump, engadget, entertainment, facebook, fox, gear, Internet, meme, memes, overwatch, politics, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, switch, trump

How memes got weaponized: A short history
Joan Donovan,
MIT Technology Review

Memes are entertaining, but they’ve also become key weapons in politics and the spread of misinformation. This piece starts with just one of many insane stories: “In Oct…

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Recommended Reading: The Google Stadia controller prototypes

By apple, design, engadget, entertainment, gaming, gear, google, google stadia, Internet, ios, music, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, screen time, STADIA, Twitter

An exclusive look at how Google designed its Stadia game controller
Stan Horaczek,
Popular Science

We’ve known for months that Google built its own controller for the upcoming Stadia game streaming service. But Popular Science recently got a behin…

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Recommended Reading: Your AirPods are going to die

By AI, airpods, apple, archeology, artificial intelligence, audio, beyond meat, bot, bots, engadget, entertainment, gear, Headphones, Impossible Burger, Impossible Foods, Internet, lidar, map, music, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, tomorrow

Everyone’s AirPods will die. We’ve got the trick to replacing them.
Geoffrey A. Fowler,
The Washington Post

If you hopped on the AirPod bandwagon early, your earbuds are likely near the end of their life. The Washington Post details what happens w…

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Recommended Reading: The ICE surveillance playbook

By anduril, Cambridge Analytica, christopher wylie, driving, driving app, Drones, engadget, entertainment, gear, ice, immigration, Internet, Microsoft, Military, playstation 5, privacy, project scarlett, ps5, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, surface, surface mini, surveillance

How ICE picks its targets in the surveillance age
McKenzie Funk,
The New York Times

Through the lens of officers operating in the Pacific Northwest, The New York Times explains how Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) collects informat…

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Recommended Reading: Uber wants to be the ‘operating system’ for city life

By China, country music, engadget, entertainment, gear, Internet, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, tiktok, uber, Uber Eats

Inside Uber’s plan to take over city life with CEO Dara Khosrowshahi
Andrew J. Hawkins,
The Verge

This week, ride-sharing giant Uber announced a test that puts both its car and food services in the same app. It’s part of a larger plan CEO Dara Kh…

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Recommended Reading: The redesigned WWE Network

By apple music, bamtech, country music, documentary, engadget, entertainment, gear, google play music, Internet, ken burns, Military, Music Streaming, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, rhiannon giddens, robots, royalties, spotify, Streaming, war, wwe, wwe network

WWE Network 2.0: How WWE rebuilt its streaming service after a split with Disney
Chris Welch,
The Verge

After a flashy reveal at CES a few years ago, the WWE Network is by all accounts a success, amassing well over a million subscribers by …

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Recommended Reading: Behind the scenes of Netflix’s ‘Dark Crystal’ prequel

By credit card, credit cards, dark crystal, dark crystal age of resistance, engadget, entertainment, gear, Internet, law enforcement, netflix, police, privacy, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, ring, Security, the dark crystal, the dark crystal age of resistance

The creators of ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ just loved throwing puppets
Liz Shannon Miller,
The Verge

Netflix’s Dark Crystal prequel series debuted this week, offering fans another look at the world created by Jim Henson and Frank Oz. Th…

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Recommended Reading: Taylor Swift and Spotify are… best friends?

By california, dna, DNA testing, engadget, entertainment, fake artists, fake songs, gear, gun, Guns, Internet, music, Music Streaming, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, snapchat, spotify, Streaming, taylor swift, tiktok

Taylor Swift is getting friendly with Spotify ahead of her new album, ‘Lover.’ Times have changed.
Tim Ingham,
Music Business Worldwide

Not too long ago, Taylor Swift shook off Spotify, pulling her entire catalog from the service and slamming musi…

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Recommended Reading: Replacing crops with solar panels

By 2020 election, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, engadget, entertainment, gear, google, Internet, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, solar, solar panels, solar power, tomorrow

California farmers are planting solar panels as water supplies dry up
Sammy Roth,
Los Angeles Times

In parts of California, water is becoming scarce, and that’s not great news for farmers. There is an alternative though: solar panels. Los Angeles…

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Recommended Reading: The race back to the Moon

By apollo 11, Blue Origin, engadget, entertainment, gaming, gear, Internet, mission control, moon, nasa, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, space, spacex, the moon, tomorrow

Dueling superpowers, rival billionaires. Inside the new race to the Moon
Jeffrey Kluger,

SpaceX, Blue Origin and others are in a heated battle to help NASA return the US to the Moon. Time takes an in-depth look at the new space race an…

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Recommended Reading: The legacy of female players in ‘FIFA’

By dj, ea, engadget, entertainment, eric prydz, fifa, fifa16, gaming, gear, Internet, music, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, stranger things

How female characters in FIFA led to a diversity movement at EA
Dean Takahashi,

Discussions on diversity and equal pay have taken over in the week following the 2019 Women’s World Cup, especially in the US. EA game designer Katie Scott…

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Recommended Reading: Apple’s ambitious TV plan

By alphabet, apple, av, Business, Eddy Cue, engadget, entertainment, gear, google, Internet, Jigsaw, master recordings, music, music industry, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, scooter braun, Streaming, streaming service, taylor swift, television, TV, tv plus, tv streaming

Can Apple hack it in Hollywood? We talk to the man behind Apple TV+
Stuart McGurk,

Apple officially revealed it’s TV streaming service in March, but it won’t debut for the masses until this fall. There have been all kinds of reports swirling…

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Recommended Reading: Algorithms and school surveillance

By algorithm, Australia, cooking, deepfake, deepfakes, engadget, entertainment, fire, gear, hard-boiled eggs, instant pot, Internet, music, powerwall, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, School, schools, solar power, sous vide, surveillance, tesla, tomorrow, universal music group

Aggression Detectors: The unproven, invasive surveillance technology schools are using to monitor students
Jack Gillum and Jeff Kao,

Following the rise in mass shootings, schools, hospitals and other public places are installing …

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Recommended Reading: Fighting deepfakes

By AI, Amazon, deepfake, deepfakes, delivery robots, engadget, entertainment, gear, instagram, Internet, music, preachers wearing sneakers, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, robots, universal

Top AI researchers race to detect ‘deepfake’ videos: ‘We are outgunned’
Drew Harwell,
The Washington Post

The 2016 US presidential election was plagued by fake news and election meddling across the internet. With the rise of so-called deepfake tec…

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Recommended Reading: The music streaming payday won’t go to artists

By AI, app, baseball, bots, Donald Trump, donaldtrump, engadget, fact checking, gear, Internet, mlb, music, music industry, Music Streaming, pitch analysis, pitchgrader, recommended reading, recommendedreading, record labels, recreading

The record industry expects a windfall. Where will the money go?
Marc Hogan,

It’s no secret the music industry is booming on the back of streaming services. However, it seems like not much will change in terms of where all the money goes…

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Recommended Reading: Blame the apps for iPhone privacy woes

By apple, apps, engadget, gear, Internet, ios, iPhone, privacy, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, Security, Twitter, valve, valve index, VR, white supremacy

iPhone privacy is broken… and apps are to blame
Joanna Stern,
The Wall Street Journal

Thanks in part to Facebook’s privacy blunders, concern over personal data security is growing. And we continue to find things gobbling up our info that we didn…

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Recommended Reading: Trusting companies despite privacy lapses

By Amazon, arturia, arturia microfreak, audio, dslr, engadget, entertainment, facebook, gear, google, Internet, music, Music Streaming, nikon, nikon d1, privacy, recommended reading, recommendedreading, recreading, Security, Smart Devices, smart home, Sony, spotify, synth, synthesizer

People say they care about privacy but they continue to buy devices that can spy on them
Rani Molla,

In the wake of Cambridge Analytica, concerns about personal data privacy abound. Of course, Facebook isn’t the only company that’s been caught…

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Recommended Reading: Pro soccer players train with video games

By engadget, entertainment, football, gaming, gear, intelligym, Internet, loganlucky, movies, recommendedreading, recreading, smartphones, soccer, Sports, stevensoderbergh, teenagers, teens

How Soccer Players
Are Getting Smarter
On the Field With
Brain-Training Video Games
Tom Taylor,
Sports Illustrated

Athletes are employing all kinds of tech during training to gain a competitive edge while tracking progress. Sports Illustrat…

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Recommended Reading: Trent Reznor on Beats, Apple Music and more

By applemusic, Beats, dantepfer, engadget, entertainment, gaming, gear, Internet, jazz, music, nineinchnails, piano, police, recommendedreading, recreading, robots, trentreznor

In Conversation:
Trent Reznor
David Marchese,

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor helped craft Beats Music, the streaming service that would eventually become Apple Music after the tech giant purchased the popular headphone brand….

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Recommended Reading: Instagram’s influence on restaurants

By chatbot, chatbots, engadget, entertainment, food, foodporn, gaming, gear, instagram, Internet, netflix, ozark, recommendedreading, recreading, restaurant

Instagram Is Pushing
Restaurants to Be
Kitschy, Colorful and
Irresistible to Photographers
Casey Newton,
The Verge

It’s no secret that Instagram is full of brunch pics and food porn, but restaurants have noticed the trend. The Verge details how fo…

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Recommended Reading: Spotify’s other playlist problem

By engadget, entertainment, fakenews, football, gaming, gear, Internet, mondo, nbajam, recommendedreading, recreading, soccer, soundtrack, spider-man, spider-manhomecoming, spotify, transfers, vinyl

Spotify Sweats Over
Bandwidth Problem as
Labels Vie for
Playlist Spots
Andy Gensler ,

Spotify was forced to defend itself against allegations it uses fake artists to cut costs last week, but the streaming service is facing another…

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Recommended Reading: Rebooting a hero in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

By Dji, drone, engadget, entertainment, football, forensics, gaming, gear, Internet, mp3, music, recommendedreading, recreading, science, spider-man, spider-manhomecoming, spiderman, Sports, trial, winamp

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’
Is One of the Best Superhero
Movies in Years
Christopher Orr,
The Atlantic

Well folks, the time has come. The team-up between Sony and Marvel for the third different take on Spider-Man debuted this week. So far, the review…

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Recommended Reading: Netflix has another winner with ‘GLOW’

By cellphone, engadget, entertainment, gameofthrones, gaming, gear, glow, hbo, Indonesia, Internet, iPhone, logging, netflix, nothotdog, recommendedreading, recreading, siliconvalley

Feeling the ‘GLOW’
Mairead Small Staid,
The Ringer

Despite recent news of Netflix cancelling a few of its high-profile originals, the streaming service hasn’t missed a beat. One of its most recent, GLOW, debuted last week and critics seem to agree…

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Recommended Reading: Apple’s original television aspirations

By alt-right, altright, apple, applenews, engadget, entertainment, gaming, gear, hanssolo, infogalactic, Internet, movies, music, musicstreaming, recommendedreading, recreading, spotify, starwars, Streaming, television, TV, wikipedia

Apple Is a Step
Closer to Making
Its Own TV Shows
David Sims,
The Atlantic

While the company’s television aspirations remain largely a mystery, Apple hired two big names this week to help build its slate of original shows. Jamie Erlicht and Zack V…

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Recommended Reading: Netflix trims its library of original shows

By apple, applenews, elcapitan, engadget, entertainment, fakenews, foxnews, gaming, gear, Internet, iPad, ipadpro, nba, netflix, recommendedreading, recreading, sense8, snapchat, Streaming, thegetdown

‘The Get Down,’ ‘Sense8’
Cancellations Signal
That Netflix’s Originals
Are ‘Destructible’
Daniel Holloway,

In the span of about a week, Netflix cancelled both The Get Down and Sense8 — two noteworthy series from its slate of original show…

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