China’s revamped law bans online services that ‘induce addiction’ in kids

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China is implementing stricture measures in its bid to keep kids away from addictive digital content. The state-backed news agency Xinhua reported (via Reuters) that China has voted for revamped law that will ban internet products and services…

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EU reportedly drafts ‘hit list’ of big tech companies to face stricter rules

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It’s no secret that the European Union wants a further crackdown on tech giants, and it may use a simple shortlist to decide which companies face new restrictions. Financial Times sources say the EU is drafting a “hit list” of up to 20 big tec…

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Facebook leak hints at its defense against a government-ordered breakup

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Facebook is under intense regulatory pressure, and it appears to be bracing itself for the worst. The Wall Street Journal says it has obtained a document outlining Facebook’s defense if the government orders a breakup that would unload Instagr…

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Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ will self-regulate to avoid censorship in India

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Streaming services are keen to prevent regulators from censoring their content, and they’re willing to police themselves to ensure that artistic freedom. Variety reports that Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar and 12 other companies …

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Germany’s updated hate speech law requires sites to report users to police

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Germany’s already strict online hate speech law is about to become even more severe. On Thursday, the country’s federal government passed a new provision (via TechCrunch) that will require companies like Twitter and Facebook to forward suspected ille…

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Jeff Bezos is willing to testify about Amazon’s use of seller data

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Jeff Bezos is willing to testify before Congress about Amazon’s competitive practices. According to a letter obtained by The New York Times and several other publications, a lawyer for Amazon told the House Judiciary Committee Bezos will be available…

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House wants four ‘big tech’ CEOs to testify in competition probe

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A House investigation into tech competition may have testimony from some of the biggest names in the industry — if they agree, at least. Axios understands the Judiciary Committee has asked Apple, Alphabet, Amazon and Facebook to say if their C…

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California sues Uber and Lyft for allegedly misclassifying drivers

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California’s Assembly Bill 5 was designed to confront the ridesharing industry over its treatment of drivers, and now that confrontation is officially underway. State Attorney General Xavier Becerra and City Attorneys for Los Angeles, San Dieg…

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FCC ordered to provide IP addresses tied to fake net neutrality comments

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The FCC might not have much choice but to hand over data logs for fake net neutrality comments. A federal judge has ordered (via Gizmodo) the regulator to turn over server records to New York Times reporters that would reveal the IP addresses …

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FCC gives T-Mobile extra spectrum to cope with demand during coronavirus

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T-Mobile pledged to keep people online during the coronavirus outbreak, and it’s getting some help from the government to make that happen. The FCC is granting T-Mobile access to more 600MHz spectrum for the next 60 days to help it cope with custome…

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