Google will pay publishers to curate a reliable news feed

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Today, Google announced plans to invest $1 billion in partnerships with news publishers. With that money, Google will pay publishers to curate content for a new product, the Google News Showcase. This should ensure that users get high-quality …

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Google makes it easier to find local news through Podcasts and Assistant

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While news podcasts are increasingly popular, most focus on national and global news. It tends to be harder to find local news, especially in an on-demand, audio format. Google wants to change this. Today, it announced plans to bring Your News…

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Google shutters Bulletin, its hyperlocal news experiment

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Google is ending its hyperlocal news experiment Bulletin. Similar to Nextdoor, Bulletin was a blog-like service that allowed users to post stories with video and photo content to the app. People nearby could see those posts, and they could app…

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How to get started with data-driven attribution in Google Analytics

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The data-driven attribution model is exclusive to customers of Google Analytics 360 and offers an easy way to personalize experiences to your customers.

The post How to get started with data-driven attribution in Google Analytics appeared first on Search Engine Watch.

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Facebook accused of lying about video stats error for over a year

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Facebook is guilty of lying to advertisers, according to a new lawsuit. Back in 2016, online marketing agency Crowd Siren sued the social network for inflating its metrics — now it claims Facebook knew as early as 2015 that it was over-report…

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Google wants to help developers make better websites

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Developers already have access to a number of tools that let them see how real-world users experience their websites, but until now they weren’t able to see how their website user experience compared to others. Enter the Chrome User Experience Report…

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