Uber, Google, Facebook: Your experiments have gone too far

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It was 2014, around the time when Travis Kalanick referred to Uber as his chick-magnet “Boober” in a GQ article, that I’d realized congestion in San Francisco had gone insane. Before there was Uber, getting across town took about ten minutes by car a…

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Judge rejects Lime request to block e-scooter rivals in San Francisco

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Lime just lost a last-minute bid to delay the launch of San Francisco’s electric scooter pilot program. A judge has denied the company’s request for a temporary restraining order that would have blocked Skip and Scoot from launching their services i…

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Ford Mustang Bullitt review: Almost Steve McQueen cool

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Nostalgia is powerful — it’s why we still have Star Wars movies. It’s the reason everyone loves the 80s and if you’ve ever talked to someone about their favorite music, it’s usually from bands that came out while they were in high school. So when Fo…

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San Francisco temporarily removes electric scooters for permit process

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San Francisco is about to end its electric scooter scourge… for a while. The city’s Municipal Transportation Agency has posted its permit application for companies wanting to operate e-scooters under a one-year pilot program and accompanying law, s…

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Lyft may be getting into the electric scooter game

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Lyft seems to be eyeing a move into the electric scooter craze — the company is considering applying for a permit to run a service in San Francisco, The Information reported, and it’s in the early stages of working on prototypes. Some companies like…

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Facebook is hosting an online abuse summit with other tech leaders

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Facebook is trying to bring all the wars it’s fighting under one roof. At the “Fighting Abuse @Scale” conference later next month, the social network will host talks on combating fake news, online fraud, spam and abuse in general. There’s a special f…

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The connected person’s guide to surviving an alt-right protest

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On Wednesday, alt-right group “Patriot Prayer” got its permit for a weekend rally on federal land inside San Francisco. It was issued despite strong opposition from Mayor Ed Lee and city officials, state lawmakers, and House Democratic leader Nancy P…

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Take HomeKit devices for a spin at a handful of Apple Stores

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As a mark of just how serious Apple is about its smart home initiatives, the company has built HomeKit into 46 of its brick and mortar stores. That means if you stop into the Union Square location in San Francisco or the World Trade Center and…

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San Francisco train service plans to run solely on clean energy

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Commuter trains are already somewhat eco-friendly by their nature (you’re less likely to need a car, after all), but the San Francisco Bay Area’s train system is taking things one step further. BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) has unveiled a policy that…

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San Francisco airport can now record all visitors’ license plates

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When you drive to the airport, you expect a certain amount of tracking, if just from security cameras. However, San Francisco International Airport might be taking things a step too far. The travel hub recently received approval from the Airpo…

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AT&T paid $1.6 billion to own the next generation of wireless

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For all intents and purposes, it looks like AT&T is going to own a majority of 5G wireless connections in the US. The company has announced that it has acquired Straight Path Communications for $1.6 billion. Not familiar with the name? That’s tot…

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Panasonic’s new image sensor could help cars see in the dark

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Panasonic’s new image sensor tech is designed for taking shots in the dark. Literally. The company has made an advancement that provides “electrical control of the near infrared (NIR) light sensitivity of the same pixel in an organic CMOS image senso…

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Moto Z hackathons create more interesting Mods than Motorola

By buenosaires, engadget, gadgetry, Gadgets, gear, hackathon, India, lenovo, Mobile, motomods, motorola, motoz, newyork, sanfrancisco, Shenzhen, video

The modular Moto Z was the tool of choice at the latest Motorola hackathon in San Francisco this past weekend. Developers and entrepreneurs took on the task of hacking the mobile phone with a variety of other hardware to come up with innovativ…

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