The headphone, speaker and audio deals worth looking at on Black Friday

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Headphones and speakers are always popular holiday shopping items because many people put them on their wish lists, but also because they make great gifts even for those that are hard to shop for. That’s also not to mention that the best of th…

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The best Black Friday tech deals that are already available

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It’s felt like Black Friday has been upon us for the past few weeks — but now we’re actually only a couple hours from the biggest shopping day of the year. 2020 has been a different year for many reasons, but retailers have continued with a tr…

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The Sonos Move portable speaker is cheaper than ever ahead of Black Friday

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Sonos debuted its portable Move speaker last year and, while expensive, it’s a good option for those who want a quality speaker they can move freely in and out of their homes. But now you don’t have to spend as much on it — Amazon, Best Buy an…

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The Sonos Five is $100 cheaper today at Amazon and Best Buy

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If you’re looking for a quality smart speaker for yourself or as a gift for an audiophile in your life, you could do much worse than the Sonos Five. The company rebranded the speaker, which was previously called Play:5, earlier this year and i…

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These are the audio gadgets to gift this season

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Earbuds and headphones are nice gifts, but there are way more options for the audio nerd on your list. We’ve compiled a list of synths, effects pedals, speakers, soundbars and more so you have several of the best products to choose from during…

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This week’s best deals: NVIDIA Shield TV, the Apple Watch and more

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This week brought a variety of deals on things from media streamers to smartwatches to audio production software. Best Buy knocked down the price of the NVIDIA Shield TV to $130, and it discounted the Apple Watch Series 5 by $50. Ableton is al…

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Sonos CEO will testify at a House antitrust hearing next week

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A day after his company sued Google for allegedly stealing some of its speaker tech, it emerged Sonos CEO Patrick Spence will testify at an antitrust hearing. The House Antitrust Subcommittee, which is broadly investigating the market dominanc…

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Sonos hikes prices on the Amp and Port as it moves production out of China

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Sonos is moving production of some of its products from China to Malaysia, and at the same time the company is increasing the price of the Sonos Amp and Sonos Port by $50. Sonos told The Verge that its decision to move production is less of a …

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Save $80 on a Sonos Beam this Black Friday

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With just a couple of days before the official start of Black Friday, Sonos has detailed what you can expect from its sale. Later this week, you’ll be able to save on the company’s Beam, Playbar, Playbase and Sub speakers, as well as its Amp amplifie…

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新的 Sonos Port 将现有音响系统连接至 Sonos 和 AirPlay 2

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 Sonos 生态系统中又新增一款产品,这就是价格 399 美元的 Sonos Port。这取代了 Sonos 产品线中一款较老的设备 Connect,并且有着更新的配置和更小的尺寸。
Sonos Port 外观是个哑光黑色的小盒子。其中的 RCA 和数字同轴音频输出端口可连接现有的家用音响或家庭影院音响系统。RCA 输入端口可以连接音源,包括唱片机、投影仪或其他音响设备。这些设备可能不太方便连接至 Sonos Beam 之类的设备。
Sonos Port 内置解码器,因此可以提供更好的音质。此外,如果接上功放,那么连接至 Sonos Port 的任何音箱都会自动与 AirPlay 2 兼容,并且适用 Sonos 现有的亚马逊 Alexa 和谷歌助手能力。这意味着,你可以使用语音命令来控制播放(前提是你要有带麦克风的 Sonos 或 Alexa 设备)。

Sonos Port 提供了两个 10/100 Mbps 以太网端口,因此如果你需要可靠的联网能力,那么可以直接把 S… Read More

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Sonos 的 One SL 是取代 Play:1 的最新入门音箱

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 Sonos 有了一款新的入门级互联音箱,可以为用户提供跨多个房间、高品质的音乐,但这款产品不像 Sonos One 搭载了麦克风和智能助手。无麦克风的 Sonos One SL 零售价为 179.99 美元(比目前的 Sonos One 便宜 20 美元),并且搭载了 AirPlay 2,相对于此前的 Play:1 有所升级。
从视觉上,很难区分 Sonos One 和 Sonos One SL,尤其是远看。两款产品的尺寸完全相同,有着同样的工业设计,有哑光黑和哑光白两种配色,并且都通过顶部来操控。然而,你也可以看到,两款产品的控制区有着明显不同。Sonos One 有额外的 LED 灯、麦克风图标,以及用于打开关闭内置智能助手和麦克风的电容式触控表面。Sonos One SL 没有麦克风等配置。
与 Play:1 不同,Sonos One SL 可以与 Sonos One 进行立体声配对。这是个很好的功能,因为当用户在一个房间中使用两台音箱时,实际上只需要一个麦克风就可… Read More

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Sonos 的蓝牙便携智能音箱提前曝光

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 Sonos 将于月底举办活动,发布新产品。然而,近期泄露的信息几乎已经曝光了此次发布会最重要的产品:支持蓝牙连接、内置电池的新款音箱。
这款音箱最初于本月早些时候泄露。当时,戴夫·扎茨(Dave Zatz)展示了一张看起来非常正式的图片,而 The Verge 也报道了额外细节,包括一个用于在蓝牙和 WiFi 模式之间切换的开关、一个用于充电的 USB-C 接口,以及大致的尺寸。这款新产品要比当前的 Sonos One 略大一些。

目前,Win Future 的报道披露了更多官方照片,包括一张该设备及其充电底座的照片。该网站还表示,新款音箱将被称作 Sonos Move。这个名称很合理,因为这将是 Sonos 唯一一款可移动,同时正常提供功能的智能音箱。


可以通过 WiFi(像其他 Sonos 音箱一样,连接你的 Sonos 网络)和蓝牙(设备直接直接配对)进行流媒体传输,支持通过蓝牙 LE 进行便捷设置。
集成 USB… Read More

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Sonos is selling a limited-edition Beastie Boys speaker for charity

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Prior to today, the easiest way to get the Beastie Boys on your Sonos Play:5 was to queue up your favorite songs from the trio. A new limited edition version of the speaker will always have the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers on it, even when you’re lis…

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