Samsung Notebook 9 Pen review: Solid stylus, so many compromises

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My backpack is a disaster. I’ve always been sort of a packrat and working at Engadget doesn’t help. Every day I lug a laptop, a tablet, a few phones (for review purposes), an SLR, a huge power bank, chargers and cables for all those things and a book…

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Samsung’s 2018 Notebook 9 lineup includes MacBook, Surface challengers

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Last year Samsung’s Notebook 9 laptop kept it simple with a standard thin-and-light design that got the important things right, but didn’t sport flashy features like a high-res display or hybrid design. Earlier this year the Pro edition added a foldi…

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Samsung Galaxy Book review: You’re better off with a Surface Pro

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It took a few years, but Microsoft’s Surface Pro line is an undeniable hit. It also popularized the convertible tablet category — touchscreen-driven devices you can hold in your hands that also have power and attachable keyboards for getting “real w…

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MWC 2017 showed us the power of nostalgia

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Millennials may recognize the Nokia 3310 from the “Indestructible Nokia” meme, but us older folks will more likely remember it as the first cell phone we ever used. Here at MWC 2017, Nokia revived the iconic handset, giving it a 2-inch color display,…

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