Spotify tests Stories for influencer playlists

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Spotify is testing a new feature that lets influencers share Stories alongside their public playlists, TechCrunch reports. Spotify’s version will allow select users to share video clips that contain snippets of songs and album art. As you’d imagine,…

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Instagram’s Layout feature adds collages to your Stories

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Today, Instagram is rolling out new Layout feature that will let you include multiple photos in a single story. When you open the Stories camera and select the Layout option, you’ll be able to choose between two and six photos to combine in a grid-ba…

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Instagram tests Group Stories after Facebook ditched them

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Facebook might not be giving up on Group Stories just because it’s cutting them from its main app. App sleuther Jane Manchun Wong has found test code for a Group Story feature in Instagram. There’s no mystery to how it works — you’d just choose to…

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Spotify lets you add 15-second song clips to Facebook Stories

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Beginning today, Spotify will let users share 15-second clips of Spotify songs on their Facebook Stories. If followers tap on the preview, they’ll be transferred to Spotify, where they can listen to the rest of the track. The change is geared toward…

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Tidal shares songs as Stories in Facebook and Instagram

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iHeartRadio isn’t the only streaming music service helping you share music as Stories in recent days. Tidal has introduced an option to share tunes directly as Stories in Facebook and Instagram, helping you convey your musical mood to your followers…

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Prepare yourselves for a deluge of new AR filters on Instagram

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As of today, anyone can create AR filters and effects for Instagram. Facebook has opened Spark AR — the tool responsible for pretty much every AR experience you’ve encountered across Facebook’s products — to the Instagramming public.

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Instagram’s latest Stories sticker is a direct link to group chats

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Instagram is introducing a new feature that will let users start private group messages around specific Stories. The company announced the change on Twitter today. Users will soon be able to add a "join chat" sticker to their Stories…

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Snapchat is in the middle of an identity crisis

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There was a time a year or so ago when, if a friend wanted to send me a meme or a funny selfie, it would be on Snapchat. But I don’t remember the last time that happened; at some point Instagram became our go-to messaging app. And apparently I’m not…

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Snapchat deals with NFL, NBC add more sports videos

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The jury’s still out on whether or not Snapchat Stories are successful, but giants in the sports realm are apparently happy. Snap has signed deals with the NFL and NBC that will bring more sports programming to your phone. To begin with, it’s exten…

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Recommended Reading: The ‘Stories’ invasion won’t relent anytime soon

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Why ‘Stories’ Took Over Your Smartphone
Ian Bogost,
The Atlantic

Snapchat may have created the monster, but in nearly every social (and some not-so-social) app you fire up, you’ll be greeted with a feed of Stories. In fact, Facebook says the forma…

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Snapchat adds Giphy’s GIF stickers to liven up your Stories

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Usually you see Instagram borrowing features from Snapchat, but the reverse is true this time around. Snapchat has added GIF stickers from Giphy’s library to its Android and iOS apps, giving you a considerably wider selection to choose from when cra…

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