iFixit’s MacBook Air teardown confirms 0.5mm thicker keyboard

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If you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on the new MacBook Air, you know that the keyboard really is excellent. Thanks to the scissor mechanism, which replaced the hated butterfly keyboard, the keys are noticeably cushier, with more travel. iFi…

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Teardown reveals how much hardware Samsung crams into the Galaxy Z Flip

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip lays out a welcome mat for dust and debris. But while the hinge gap is concerning, it is impressive that Samsung was able to fit so many components into a foldable design. iFixit’s teardown reveals a stack of two minuscule m…

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iFixit pulls apart the 16-inch MacBook Pro and sees little has changed

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After Apple unveiled the 16-inch MacBook Pro last week, iFixit quickly pried off a few keys to give us a look at the return of the scissor switch mechanism, but what about the rest of the laptop? Now they’ve completed a full teardown of the latest ma…

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Surface Pro X teardown reveals one of the most repairable tablets ever

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It turns out Microsoft’s new Surface Pro X represents a new direction for the company in than just one way. According to DIY heroes iFixit, the device is one of the most repairable tablets on the market currently thanks to a couple of smart design de…

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Ben Heck’s Xbox One X teardown

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There’s no greater feeling than tearing into the latest and greatest games console, cracking open the case, breaking the warranty and staring at its spinning, sparkly, electronic innards. This week, Ben takes apart the Xbox One X, comparing it to…

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Recommended Reading: iFixit wants to show you how to repair everything

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Meet the $21 Million
Company That Thinks
a New iPhone Is a
Total Waste of Money
David Whitford,

We’re no stranger to iFixit’s in-depth teardowns here at Engadget, but the company has a plan that’s much more than ripping apart the latest gadge…

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