Microsoft’s Project HSD is all about holographic storage for the cloud

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Microsoft is looking beyond flash storage and hard drives to handle the seemingly unstoppable demand for cloud storage. Yesterday at its Ignite conference, the company announced Project HSD (via ZDNet), a new research initiative that’s explori…

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Microsoft details its plan to become ‘water positive’ by 2030

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Earlier this year, Microsoft announced plans to become carbon negative by 2030. But the company isn’t just looking at its emissions. Today, it unveiled its plan to be “water positive” by 2030, too. By that, Microsoft means it will replenish mo…

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Amazon’s Sidewalk neighborhood WiFi will work with Echo and Tile devices

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Last fall, Amazon announced Sidewalk, a way to keep low-power, low-bandwidth IoT devices connected even when they’re far from your WiFi router. Today, Amazon revealed a few new details, including the addition of Echo and Tile devices. The comp…

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Astronomers detect signs of life in Venus’s atmosphere

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A team of astronomers believe they have found signs of life in the atmosphere of Venus, The New York Times reports. In two papers published today, the astronomers explain that they’ve detected the chemical phosphine in Venus’s thick atmosphere…

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Google says it offset all of the emissions it has ever generated

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As of today, Google has eliminated its entire “carbon legacy.” By that, the company means it has purchased high-quality carbon offsets to match all of the emissions ever produced by its data centers and campuses. That includes the emissions ge…

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Hitting the books: How China uses AI to influence its 1.4 billion citizens

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The battle for international hegemony didn’t stop with the fall of the Reichstag in 1945, or of the Soviet Union in 1991 — it has simply moved online. Today, states and their actors are waging a digital cold war with artificial intelligence sy…

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Facebook launches Campus to keep college kids connected (again)

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When you see Mark Zuckerberg being grilled by Congress or listening to people discuss his company’s role in presidential elections, it can be easy to forget Facebook’s roots as a college-only social network. Now, with a new school year upon us, Faceb…

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Researchers created a Game Boy that doesn’t need batteries

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The original Game Boy was no slouch when it came to battery life. With four simple AA batteries, you could play games like Tetris and Super Mario Land for about 10 to 15 hours. That was something that made the Game Boy so much more appealing t…

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Hitting the Books: Lessons learned from gaming with the King of Sweden

By david polfeldt, engadget, feature, grand central publishing, hitting the books, hittingthebooks, king of sweden, Sweden, the dream architects, tomorrow, ubisoft, video games

Video games have come a long way from their dim arcade origins. No longer a mere niche diversion for pasty, maladjusted youth, gaming is now an integral part of modern pop culture standing shoulder to shoulder with “classical” forms of media l…

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Harvard created a wool-like 3D-printable material that can shape shift

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What if you could have gym clothes that could automatically open cooling vents whenever you work up a sweat and close them when you’ve dried out? You might be able to get your hands on gear that does just that in the future, and it could use a…

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Alphabet’s Loon balloons are helping scientists study gravity waves

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In between beaming internet to people in developing countries and sometimes passing for UFOs, Alphabet’s Loon balloons have been busy helping scientists study how our planet works. A team led by Stanford professor Aditi Sheshadri recently published a…

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