Some of the best indie games ever are coming to Switch

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It’s clearer than ever that the Nintendo Switch is becoming the go-to console for indie game developers. Nintendo has unveiled launch plans for a spate of well-known indies in addition to launching a dedicated Indie Channel for news. You can expect c…

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Super-thin semiconductors delay the ‘death’ of silicon

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Silicon has been the backbone of processors for decades, but it’s rapidly approaching its physical limits: making a chip on a process smaller than 5 nanometers is usually impossible without introducing problems. How is Moore’s Law for chip complexity…

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Log off now before today’s Steam’s summer sale leaves you broke

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Your wallet is about to get a bit lighter. Or, if you lack self-control, a lot lighter. That’s because over the next 13 days games on Steam will be marked down dramatically during this year’s summer sale. The first crop includes up to half off the Fi…

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IBM squeezes 30 billion transistors into a fingernail-sized chip

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Who said Moore’s Law was dead? Certainly not IBM or its chip partners Globalfoundries and Samsung. The trio has developed a transistor manufacturing process that should pave the way for 5-nanometer chips. While the team etched the chip using the same…

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‘Bastion’ studio’s ‘Pyre’ will be exclusive to PS4 on July 25th

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Last we’d heard of the next game from Bastion and Transistor studio Supergiant Games, Pyre, there wasn’t much to report in terms of concrete info. Today we have a bit more information, including when you’ll finally be able to play it: July 25th exclu…

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