HTC’s standalone VR kit will stream PC content via WiFi

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We’re still some way away from getting compact VR headsets that tap into cloud VR services via 5G, but for now, HTC has cooked up something that will let standalone 6DoF kits take advantage of a PC’s processing power. In early Q4 this year, the Vive…

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‘Game of Thrones’ VR experience lets you join the Night’s Watch

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If you haven’t quite come to terms with Game of Thrones ending, you might be pleased to learn there’s a VR title based on the series arriving this week called Beyond The Wall. You’ll join the Night’s Watch and defend The Wall against an army of the d…

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Google’s latest VR Spotlight story watches you

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Google’s latest interactive Spotlight Story has an unusual twist… namely, it’s watching you. The Piggy VR experience uses six-degrees-of-freedom movement tracking to have a pig respond to your gaze as its namesake character is tempted by a cake. St…

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HTC’s first standalone Vive headset is only available in China

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At long last, HTC has released a PC-free version of the Vive… only you probably won’t get to use it. The company has introduced a Vive Standalone headset that’s intended strictly for the Chinese market. China’s mobile space is red hot, HTC says,…

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HTC launches a monthly subscription for Vive VR apps

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Virtual reality is still in its infancy, so it’s no surprise that most apps for the HTC Vive are smaller, experimental and ultimately expendable experiences. If you’re a new headset owner, it can be hard to know which games are worth buying, or to ge…

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Vive Studios’ ‘VR Sports’ is exactly what it sounds like

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The unmitigated phenomenon that was the Nintendo Wii had an everlasting effect on any medium with motion controllers: if you have hardware that can track hand movements, it needs to have its own “Wii Sports” game. Enter Vive Studios latest virtual re…

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Vive Video puts a personal home theater in HTC’s VR headset

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We’ve seen VR video theaters for Oculus and PlayStation VR, but now HTC has an upgrade in that department. Vive Video supports all kinds of media: 2D, 3D, 180-degree or full 360-degree, with options to make the environment as much of a realistic thea…

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