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Many of Georgia’s new voting machines aren’t working on primary day

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It’s primary day in five states and while things seem to be going relatively smoothly in Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina and West Virginia, voters and election workers in Georgia are reporting problems with new voting machines. Workers at some p…

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HBO’s ‘Kill Chain’ doc highlights the flaws in US election machines

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While COVID-19 might be putting just about everything else on hold, we’re still marching towards a presidential election later this year. After the high-profile interference of 2016, election security and foreign meddling are still critical issues, b…

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Security fails we’re kinda thankful for

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As we gather ’round the fire warming our facepalm-weary hands, the blaze burning bright with the shreds of our privacy and security, it’s important to reflect on what we’re grateful for.

Companies that did the infosec version of stepping on a rake,…

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Researchers easily breached voting machines for the 2020 election

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The voting machines that the US will use in the 2020 election are still vulnerable to hacks. A group of ethical hackers tested a bunch of those voting machines and election systems (most of which they bought on eBay). They were able to crack i…

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