Iowa asked researchers to break into a courthouse, then it arrested them

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Ransomware attacks have cost cities like Atlanta and Baltimore millions of dollars and made it clear that state and municipal governments need to protect themselves against cyberthreats. With that in mind, the state of Iowa hired cybersecurity…

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Apple tries to clear up Google’s claims about iOS vulnerabilities

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Apple has taken issue with Google’s findings about exploit-laden websites injecting malicious code into iPhones. Last week, Google published a blog post describing how a handful of hacked websites had taken advantage of an iOS vulnerability. Today, A…

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AMD says its chips are immune to crippling new vulnerabilities

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As if Spectre and Meltdown weren’t bad enough, researchers recently unveiled a quartet of new CPU flaws: Zombieload, RIDL & Fallout, and Store-to-Leak Forwarding, known as MDS vulnerabilities. They’re serious enough that Intel-powered PC owners n…

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