The headphone, speaker and audio deals worth looking at on Black Friday

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Headphones and speakers are always popular holiday shopping items because many people put them on their wish lists, but also because they make great gifts even for those that are hard to shop for. That’s also not to mention that the best of th…

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Here are all of the Apple devices on sale for Black Friday

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Apple’s had a busy couple of months recently: with three virtual events and a number of new products released (including new Macs with Apple-developed chips), the company has a number of gadget you might be looking for deals on this Black Frid…

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雷军说过一句话我很认同:在风口上,猪也能飞起来。 随着抖音和快手的日活量突破7亿,短视频因其更符合移动互联网的时长和全民拍短视频后所衍生出的丰富品类,已经成为这个时代最流行的内容承载形式。 市面上大多数企业已经开始布局短视频领域,试图借助短 […]

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在整合营销行业中, KPI(Key Performance Indicator,关键绩效指标)是常见的工作目标制定方法之一。那么在整合营销行业中该怎么运用KPI 才能最准确地瞄准发力目标,引导员工前行呢。 马云曾这样谈及KPI,尽管KPI令 […]

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说起数据分析,很多竞价员就会觉得头大。对于那些不懂数据分析、或者感觉对数据分析不太擅长的竞价员,可能会感觉数据分析很高端。其实并不然,数据分析的关键在于你有没有掌握对方法。所以今天我们就来说一下我们数据,分析到底是什么目的,数据分析的具体流 […]

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不管你是刚入行的新手优化师,亦或是网络营销从业者,在日常工作中通常都会遇见各种各样的信息流专业术语,这些专业术语就像是卧底的接头暗号,对上了皆大欢喜,对不上就是一场悲剧。 所以,了解信息流专业术语确实是推广入门的必修课。今天就帮大家总结了一 […]

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厚昌早报 | 任正非称新荣耀应将华为视作对手;美团外卖将增加骑手评价商户功能-网络营销

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任正非:荣耀和华为“离婚”后不要藕断丝连,要做华为最强的竞争对手 11月26日,据报道,华为总裁办发布了华为创始人任正非在荣耀送别会上的讲话,鼓励新荣耀拥抱全球化,做华为最强的竞争对手。任正非表示,荣耀和华为“离婚”后就不要藕断丝连,新荣耀 […]

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The best Black Friday tech deals that are already available

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It’s felt like Black Friday has been upon us for the past few weeks — but now we’re actually only a couple hours from the biggest shopping day of the year. 2020 has been a different year for many reasons, but retailers have continued with a tr…

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‘Mechwarrior 5’ will arrive on Xbox in spring 2021

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Piranha Games had planned to release an expansion for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries along with Steam and GOG versions of the game on December 10th. However, it’s pushing those back to the spring, in large part to avoid the juggernaut that is Cybe…

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Amazon workers plan Black Friday strikes and protests in 15 countries

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Amazon warehouse workers in several countries are planning to carry out strikes and protests on Black Friday, one of the biggest sales events of the year for the company. Among other things, they’ll call on Amazon to improve pay and safety conditions…

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Our favorite toys under $100 to look out for on Black Friday

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Black Friday is coming soon, which means that if you haven’t already, it’s time to start picking out toys and games to give your kids this holiday season. Of course, things are looking a bit different this year and we’re all spending more time…

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