What a content hub can do for marketing teams

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In a truly effective marketing team, each team member is aligned, using shared tools and processes to efficiently create, collaborate and connect with their customers. With a content hub, marketers can break down the silos that have traditionally held them back, increasing collaboration in the crucial planning and workflow stages. Implementing this technology will make […]

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厚昌早报 | 全国最缺工100个职业排行, 2020朋友圈广告年度十佳公布

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1、春节期间机票可免费退改 据中国民航网,民航局下发通知,明确自1月27日0时起,已购买1月28日—3月8日春节期间机票的旅客,均可办理免费退票或至少一次改期。具体退改规则为:乘机日期在1月28日至2月3日的旅客,自1月27日0时起至航班起 […]

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Researchers built an AI that plays chess like a person, not a super computer

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We mere mortals haven’t truly been competitive against artificial intelligence in chess in a long time. It’s been 15 years since a human has conquered a computer in a chess tournament. However, a team of researchers have developed an AI chess engine…

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‘Animal Crossing’ updates send Mario and Hello Kitty to Carnival

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You can’t attend Carnival in Rio de Janeiro (or anywhere, really) due to the pandemic, but Nintendo thinks it can bring the celebration to you. It’s releasing an Animal Crossing: New Horizons Festivale update on January 28th that delivers that…

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