Best of the week: Trump scares some buyers while encouraging some publishers

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Welcome to ICYMI: The best Digiday stories from the week just ending. This week — indeed this year — there is perhaps nothing quite so important as the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States this very afternoon. There are of course a ton of angles to this story. And yet companies — from Chevron to AT&T — that are underwriting large chunks of the inaugural activities don’t exactly stand to damage their brands, reports Tanya Dua.

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Fujifilm’s GFX 50S pairs a huge sensor with a DSLR-like body

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Fujifilm is kicking off 2017 with the launch of its first medium-format mirrorless camera, the GFX 50S. As we reported yesterday, the new shooter comes with a giant 51.4-megapixel CMOS sensor (43.8 x 32.9mm), the same image processor as the X-…

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Sammus is somewhere between nerdcore and afrofuturism

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Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo used to get the same question every time she set down the mic and stepped off the stage. She came to expect it after performing in crowded bars, big music festivals or comic book stores, and the question usually came fro…

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‘Dear Angelica’ from Oculus shows the power of VR illustration

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Illustration is an unusual choice for a virtual reality experience. After all, when you can build and render fully-realized 3D worlds, relying on drawings alone almost feels like a step back. But that didn’t stop Oculus from pursuing a bold new anima…

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The Engadget Podcast Ep 25: Black Hole Sun

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Senior editor Chris Velazco, reviews editor Cherlynn Low and Social Media Editor Mallory Johns join host Devindra Hardawar to chat about the biggest stories of the week, including HTC U Ultra phone, which may or may not save the company. Movin…

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Rewriting Cybersecurity Playbooks

By forbes

Security managers are seeing upheaval within their own organizations as they adopt new security policies and technologies designed to keep pace with the changes happening within business units—digital transformation is forcing them to rethink cybersecurity.

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ICYMI: Lasers of the future will create an atmospheric lens

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Today on In Case You Missed It: A new company called BAE Systems is touting its Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens tech, which aims to use particles in the atmosphere to make a big magnifying glass. They admit we are many years from actual …

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三星发售平价版本的 Galaxy J2 Ace,用的是联发科处理器

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三星的 Galaxy S8 即将上膛发射,但是在低端市场,三星正在流血,必须来一个产品止血,全新的 Galaxy J2 Ace 应声而来。为了迎合中低端市场的需求,三星甚至放下身段,用了联发科的处理器。 Galaxy J2 Ace 用的是塑料机身,并没有采用昂贵的玻璃或者金属。这样一来,也有好处,就是 2600mAh 的电池可以被更换。5 寸的 960*540 分辨率屏幕,在面积上是很大,但是在像素密度上比较低端。 处理器,其采用的是 1.4GHz 四核联发科 MT6737T 芯片和 1.5GB RAM,8GB ROM 的本机存储如果不够用,可通过 MicroSD 卡插槽扩展到 256GB。手机的突出功能不是它的双 SIM 卡,而是它对 4G VoLTE 的支持。 Galaxy J2 Ace 默认跑的是 Android 6.0 Marshmallow,但没有说明是否会升级到 Nougat 版本。现在的价格很便宜,大概在 125 美金,约 800 元人民币。会在印度首先发售,提供金色、黑色和银色供用户选择。显然,其目的是在印度等发展中国家抵御住来自中国手机厂商的压力。

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